Fingerprint scanner ZF1+

Fingerprint scanner ZF1+

The DERMALOG ZF1+ Smart Card Reader extends the excellent quality of the DERMALOG ZF1 fingerprint scanner by combining a compact design and easy handling. The intuitive ZF1+ guides users in automatically placing their finger on the scanner in the correct position

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SPECIFICATIONS Fingerprint Scanner ZF1+

Scanning window size

25 mm x 18 mm

Optical scanning area

24,4 mm x 16,3 mm


166 g

Image resolution

480 x 320 pixels, 500 dp

Fingerprint Scanner ZF1+

Fingerprint Scanner ZF1 Product Features

Furthermore, the ZF+1 smart card reader recognizes and captures dry and wet fingerprints perfectly

Compatible with all

MCU (Microcontroller Unit) base card

Excellent quality for

wet and dry fingerprints

Robust against sources of

interference light

Fingerprint images of

high quality. No reference images are required

No initialization required

for fast capture

Fingerprint Scanner ZF1+

Fingerprint Scanner ZF1+ Revolutionary features unlocking the potential

Its intuitive design encourages users to place their finger on the scanner correctly without the need for assistance.

The device guarantees excellent results for wet and dry fingerprints

Its advanced optical system is capable of capturing flat fingerprint images in just one second


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