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The high-speed AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) from DERMALOG plays a crucial role in identity theft prevention. It prevents individuals from attempting…


All-in-one scanner

DERMALOG's VF1 is the world's first multi-purpose scanner for fingerprints and electronic passports, capturing both with the same device


F1 Fingerprint Scanner

Its compliance with international standards makes the F1 suitable for a wide range of biometric document and application possibilities, capturing fingerprints from electronic…


Fingerprint scanner ZF1+

The DERMALOG ZF1+ Smart Card Reader extends the excellent quality of the DERMALOG ZF1 fingerprint scanner by combining a compact design and easy handling. The intuitive ZF1+…


Fingerprint Scanner ZF10

The ZF10 is suitable for use in various environments and applications, including border control, the issuance of national IDs and electronic passports, as well as voter…


LF10 ten-finger and rolled fingerprint scanner

DERMALOG's LF10 is the world's first live ten-finger and rolled fingerprint scanner. Thanks to its large scanning area, the LF10 is optimized for producing high-quality…