Fast Security Scanner

The R&S®QPS201 security scanner provides efficient and highly precise security control while ensuring a discreet and hassle-free experience for scanned individuals. It consists of a flat panel with thousands of transmitting antennas that emit very low-power millimeter waves in a very short succession, along with a large number of receiving antennas.


SPECIFICATIONS R&S QPS quick personnel security scanner


FEATURES Product Features.

Short processing time for higher performance.

Low processing time for improved performance.

Open Architecture.

Easily maintainable body posture with hands down.


R&S®QPS quick personnel Revolutionary Features Unleashing Potential.

The R&S®QPS staff fast security scanners are new high-resolution security scanners specifically designed to make personnel control at security checkpoints faster, more efficient, and more comfortable.

The R&S®QPS product series provides high-resolution security scanning and was specifically designed to facilitate faster, more effective, and more comfortable personnel control at security checkpoints.

The R&S®QPS quick personnel security scanners are new, high-resolution security scanners designed specifically to make people screening at security checkpoints faster, more effective and comfortable.


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