Mobile Trace


To help stay at the forefront of the growing challenges in explosive and narcotics detection, the portable device MobileTrace.


specifications Mobile Trace

Simultaneous Detectio

Of Explosives and Narcotics


In just 8 seconds


Compatible with USB

Mobile Trace

MobileTrace Product Features

To stay at the forefront of the growing challenges in explosive and narcotics detection, the portable MobileTrace® device includes advanced dual-mode simultaneous detection capabilities in a powerful and user-friendly trace detector.

flexible User Interface

Interchangeable Next-Generation Battery"

Ergonomic Design for Portability

Detection of Particles and Vapors

"Enhancement of Low-Density Images

Mobile Trace

Functions MobileTrace

The MobileTrace® graphical interface is intuitive and easy to learn for new operators. Data is assessed on a 3.5-inch (8.9 cm) 800 NIT color screen using five display options.

Particle Sampling: MobileTrace® conveniently uses standard sample traps from Rapiscan® Systems. Teflon®-coated traps are swiped across a surface and inserted into the system for analysis. Typical sampling objects include clothing, skin, luggage, cargo, vehicles, containers, currency, and identification cards.
Vapor Sampling: Vapors are drawn through a nozzle directly into the system for analysis. Typical sampling objects.

Three default user levels (operator, maintenance, and administrator) for access control.
State-of-the-art network capability and USB connectivity.
ITMS™ desktop software allows for file management, analysis, and printing.
Option to use substance codes instead of substance names for enhanced privacy and security."

This is the English translation of the provided text, which outlines the features related to user access control, network capability, software functionality, and data privacy.

Touchscreen with text or icon menus, 800 NIT, 3.5-inch (8.9 cm) color display, glare-resistant.
Navigation panel, touchscreen keyboard, and optional keyboard.
User-friendly graphical interface.
Semi-automatic or manual calibration. Easy access to components for efficient maintenance.


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