Metornet 10



Specifications METORNET 10


FEATURES product features

Remotely Managing WTMD Configuration

Easy to use

No Specific Client Software Required

Real-Time Alarm Monitoring

Encrypted Communications


METORNET 10 Revolutionary Functions Unleashing the Potential

MetorNet 10 saves operating costs by enabling efficient resource allocation. It seamlessly integrates into an existing Ethernet network, and the MetorNet 10 server runs on Windows 10 Pro x64, also in a virtualized operating system. The user interface operates through a standard web browser, making it accessible via desktop or laptop computers, mobile phones, or tablets.

The operating parameters of each networked Metor walkthrough metal detector can be centrally configured. The security level can be changed immediately in the event of an increased threat. Manage one or all units simultaneously.

Operator profiles are created by the MetorNet 10 user administrator. Each user belongs to one of the user groups. User rights, views, and access can be freely configured. Each user can have an individual password to prevent unauthorized access. Operator profiles.

It supports various network topologies, including local area network, wide area network, public internet (via VPN), etc. It utilizes 10/100 Base-T Ethernet network for communication, allowing the use of existing Ethernet infrastructure at the customer's facilities. Multiple walkthrough metal detectors can be connected to a network.


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