Metor 6E is a state-of-the-art walkthrough metal detector developed for the most demanding high-profile security control applications. Developed using the latest technology to meet the strictest requirements set by international civil aviation authorities.




globally recognized


and operate


for large crowds


reliability of detection


METOR 6E Product Features

Exceptional operational performance and versatile capabilities for high-security checkpoints.

60-Segment Indication for

Alarm resolution

Detection Areas

Independently adjustable


Built-in advanced


Frequency Automation


system violation


METOR 6E Revolutionary functions unleashing the potential

Metor ® 6E can be integrated with radiation detection capability to combine the detection of multiple threats of both metals and radioactive materials. The configuration allows for gamma or gamma/neutron detection options and is available as a field-upgradeable kit.

Metor ® 6E features multiple independently adjustable detection zones to ensure uniform detection across the entire aperture. The Metor ® 6E utilizes unique multichannel technology combined with powerful processing capabilities. This enables rapid collection of information from multiple metallic items passing simultaneously and precise threat resolution based on the characteristics of the elements.

The Metor ® 6E is capable of achieving a throughput rate of over 50 people per minute, influenced solely by individual operational concept.

The Metor ® 6E features a built-in two-dimensional location display on the exit side of the coil panels. The display indicates the location of the detected metallic object, showing its left, right, or center position at the height at which the object passed through the metal detector. The location display has 20 vertical segments and 3 horizontal ones, resulting in a total resolution of 60 location segments within the unit's aperture.

The location display offers two user-selectable modes: bidimensional or vertical. In the vertical mode, it indicates the vertical location of the detected item within the unit's aperture. The location display time is adjustable, and the display can be enabled or disabled through the user interface.

It allows for a deeper analysis of alarm locations and helps optimize the passenger flow of the unit.

Carefully selected operating frequencies, along with effective digital filtering, enable excellent immunity to electromagnetic interference. Furthermore, the design of the Metor ® 6E coil is optimized to minimize external electromagnetic interference. The Metor ® 6E complies with the requirements of applicable Electromagnetic Compatibility standards. Two or more Metor ® 6E metal detectors can be operated in close proximity without the need for synchronization cables when used in parallel.

An automatic interactive sensitivity calibration feature allows for the automatic selection of detector sensitivity for a specific test object. The user can simply initiate the "Automatic Sensitivity" function and run each test object through the unit one at a time. At the end of the process, the Metor ® 6E indicates the correct sensitivity level to detect all items that passed during this process. Additionally, the Metor ® 6E includes an automatic interactive floor sensitivity calibration program to assist in calibrating the floor level sensitivity.

Metor ® 6E automatically searches for the appropriate operating frequency during startup or when the function is activated from the user interface. This feature can be enabled or disabled.


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