Prioritize threats. Strengthen defenses. Reduce risks. Within the organization and beyond, on the attack surface.


SPECIFICATIONS Darktrace Prevent

It makes the attacks

more costly for the attacker

Darktrace PREVENT/ASM uses AI.

to understand what makes an external asset yours.

Practical information

Presents trends on key metrics

FEATURES Darktrace Prevent

By introducing PREVENT into our ecosystem, it allowed us to identify assets that we previously thought business units had retired. PREVENT allows me to go home at the end of the day knowing that my network, my users, my users' identity, and my ecosystem are in good hands.

Strengthens security proactively

Identifies and prioritizes risks

Conducts continuous testing 24 hours a day

Emulates attacks to test vulnerabilities

FUNCTIONS Darktrace Prevent

Trace the most relevant and impactful attack paths across your organization in real-time with this revolutionary approach. Darktrace/E2E provides continuous visibility into the most vulnerable—and valuable—routes wherever your data resides.

Identify users who are exposed or potentially vulnerable to phishing, allowing IT teams to tailor training based on real-world data. Darktrace/E2E mimics the best attackers to test human defenses and incident response processes.

Darktrace/E2E prioritizes vulnerabilities, with suggestions on how to strengthen them. In combination with Darktrace DETECT + RESPOND, it autonomously deploys countermeasures to ensure that your critical vulnerabilities and attack paths cannot be exploited to cause harm.


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