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Bring ESInet capabilities to your agency while still in a legacy environment.


Next Generation 9-1-1 Plugin for Legacy Platforms

Carbyne’s high-availability plugin c-Lite provides NG 9-1-1 functionality to PSAPs currently using legacy call-handling software, enabling industry-leading device location, live video streaming, the ability to deliver information from IoT devices, and chat to 9-1-1 functionality. No integration needed. No app required. No ESInet infrastructure necessary. Implementation in hours.


Locating the event

Legacy location solutions - ANI/ALI phase 1 and 2 - are poorly built for today. Most call-handling platforms don’t leverage the positioning capabilities of mobile devices. This makes calls from those who don’t know where they are, or who are not at an address (lake, ocean, forest, etc), challenging to find.

Trying to “picture” the situation

When trying to understand the nature of an emergency, call-takers are dependent on the verbal description of the caller. Legacy call-handling systems are unable to utilize the video capabilities of caller mobile devices.

Communicating with callers who cannot speak

With over 90% of PSAPs in the US still unable to communicate through chat or text functionality, being able to understand the situation when a caller is not in a position where they can speak becomes an enormous challenge for call-takers.


c-Lite is deployed as a plugin, designed to enhance existing platforms with Carbyne’s state-of-the-art NG 9-1-1 technologies. 

The c-Lite plugin appears as a menu bar, floating on top of your existing system interface. It’s there when you need it. Just click to open location, video and chat windows. 

c-Lite requires no integration and is implemented in hours. Your agency preserves the investment in your existing system, with no downtime.




Dual ARM Cortex A9 MPCore with TrustZone
4GB Mass Storage
Hardware Secure Module, 8G memory


Dual-Band Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.1 and Bluetooth LE 


Local Ethernet Port (100Base-T, RJ-45)
Wide Area Network Port (1000Base-T, RJ-45)
USB 2.0 for Service and Maintenance
12V input power supply, DC-Connector 


Size 100 mm x 100 mm x 26 mm 

Weight 218 g 

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